The History department has always encouraged its majors to consider a semester abroad as a way of understanding part of the world's history by spending time in a particular location. Our students have done a wide range of programs, and we encourage you to talk to your advisor about different options. Programs on which you are likely to receive credit toward a history major include:

Westmont in San Francisco (Open to all majors)

Students may attend Westmont in San Francisco in either the fall or spring semester. The program combines living and working in a unique urban setting, offering an opportunity for the study of cultural, ethnic, political, and business-oriented aspects of modern society. While enjoying the relative security and intimacy of a self-determined community, students reside in the heart of the city. The core of the program is a pre-professional internship that involves a minimum of 24 hours each week. Tutorials and independent study in a variety of areas are available in addition to the core curriculum. Participants must take the following courses: IS 190 Urban Practicum (8) and IS 195 Seminar in Urban Studies (4). Electives include: IS 194 Tutorial (1-4), ENG 104 Modern Grammar and Advanced Composition (4) - Spring only, and ENG 134 Ethnicity, Race, and the City in American Literature (4) - Fall only. WSF Homepage

Westmont College Europe Semester (Open to all majors) (select Falls)

The Europe Semester program takes place occasional fall semesters. The program offers a broad geographical scope of experience as students and faculty travel and study together in Europe. Students study European culture and history firsthand in its rich heritage and present diversity with extended stays in cultural centers such as London, Athens, Rome, Florence, and Paris with shorter visits to other cities and regions throughout Europe. Recent itineraries have also included visits to Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Europe Semester Homepage

Westmont in Istanbul (Open to all majors) (every other Spring even years)

You can debate with your roommate whether Islam poses a global threat - or you can go to the heart of the Islamic world and find out. You can wonder whether people in the Middle East want to live in a democracy - or you can ask them. You can pray for peace in Israel and Palestine - or you can also find out how to work for peace. Westmont in Istanbul Homepage

Westmont Center for Social Entrepreneurship

(Description and updates available soon. )

Westmont in Jerusalem (Open to all majors) (every other Spring odd years)

Your home for spring semester will be the Middle East. You will study and explore the culture, traditions and history of the region, with a home base in the ancient and conflicted city of Jerusalem. In addition to field trips in the Jerusalem area, you will spend substantial time exploring the rest of Israel and the West Bank (Palestine), as well as three neighboring countries: Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon. Off-campus learning will include classroom lectures, field trips and site visits. We will benefit from the expertise of local guides, and enjoy official briefings, small-group discussions, field work, readings and always conversations—conversations with host families, professors, locals, in the street, in the marketplace. Whether you are in class, traveling, worshiping, playing, eating, you willl always be learning. The program will also include a number of service learning opportunities in cooperation with local agencies and organizations. Westmont in Jerusalem Homepage

Australia Studies Centre, Brisbane, Australia (CCCU bestsemester.com) (Open to all majors)

As of January 1, 2014, the Australia Studies Centre will move from Sydney, where it has been located since 2004, to Brisbane, Australia and partner with Christian Heritage College (CHC). While this means a change in location, we believe that CHC has unique advantages for students studying in Australia especially in the range of classes it offers for ASC students. CHC offers majors in:

BUSINESS: Accounting, Marketing, Management, HR Management.

EDUCATION: Early, Primary, Middle and Secondary. CHC also offers content-area units in the areas of English, History, Drama, Business, Accounting and Biblical Studies.

SOCIAL SCIENCES: Counselling, Youth Work, Human Services, Chaplaincy, Community Development, Human Behaviour.

MINISTRIES: Ministry Foundation, Ministry Formation, Ministry Practice, Ministry Leadership, Social Justice.CCCU ASC Homepage

China Studies Program, Xiamen, China (CCCU bestsemester.com) (Open to all majors)

The China Studies Program enables students to engage China's ancient history and intrigue from an insider's perspective. While immersed in Chinese culture, students participate in seminar courses on the historical, cultural, religious, geographic and economic realities of this strategic, populous, and extremely influential nation. Students choose between completing a broad Chinese Studies Concentration or a Business Concentration, which includes an internship at a Chinese-owned and operatedl business in China. Students also study standard Chinese language with a goal of attaining the ability to handle everyday transactions in Mandarin. The program begins the semester in Hong Kong and introduces students to the diversity of China, including the capital city of Beijing, legendary Shanghai,ancient Xi'an and beautiful seaside Xiamen. This interdisciplinary, cross-cultural program enables students to communicate and understand the unique culture and people of China with an informed, Christ-centered perspective. CSP Homepage

The Scholars’ Semester in Oxford, Oxford, England (CCCU bestsemester.com) (Open to all majors)

The Scholars' Semester in Oxford is designed for students who want to study intensively and to a high standard. Students develop their academic writing and research skills and explore the disciplines and interests of their choice. As Visiting Students of Oxford University and members of Wycliffe Hall, students study in the oldest university in the English speaking world. SSO students enroll in a primary and secondary tutorial, an integrative seminar, and the British landscape course. Students group their work in a concentration so that all elements of their programme work together. SSO is designed for students interested in art history, classics, English language and literature, history, modern languages (French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian), musicology, philosophy, and theology, though all majors may apply. Applicants are generally honors and other very high-achieving students and must have a 3.7 GPA to be considered for the programme. SSO Homepage

Uganda Studies Program, Kampala, Uganda (CCCU bestsemester.com)(Open to all majors)

The Uganda Studies Program provides students with both immersion in a local community and broad exposure to a variety of people and places in Uganda and Rwanda. Students in the Uganda Studies Emphasis (USE) live on campus at Uganda Christian University (UCU), an international affiliate member of the CCCU, sharing their lives with university students from Uganda and other parts of Africa. Students in the intercultural Ministry & Missions Emphasis (IMME) live with host families within walking distance of the university. All USP students take classes from UCU professors and share meals with UCU students. These relationships give students a first-hand perspective as they explore issues such as poverty, cultural expressions of Christianity and missions, and as they seek to reconcile the realities of East Africa with their Christian faith. Students also spend time in Rwanda and rural Uganda. In addition to the core experiential course, students will choose from an approved selection of courses from the UCU curriculum to earn up to 16 hours of credit. Uganda Studies Homepage

CIEE:Paris (Open to French or History/Social Science majors/minors only)

CIEE Contemporary French Studies in Paris program offers a flexible curriculum for the study of both French and History for students at all proficiency levels in French. The CIEE Study Center in Paris, known as the Paris Center for Critical Studies, is on the rue du Sentier in the lively, central Sentier neighborhood, in the 2nd arrondissement. The Center is less than a minute away from the Grands Boulevards, a 10-minute walk to the Palais Royal, and a 15-minute walk to the Louvre. All study abroad students live with French hosts. Students with a cumulative 3.0 GPA are eligible. CIEE Paris Homepage

Irish Studies Program, County Wicklow, Ireland- (Taylor University) (Open to all majors)(Spring Only)

The Irish Studies Program through Taylor University offers students the chance to live in the quiet seaside town of Greystones in Ireland, 20 miles south of Dublin. Students expand their knowledge through classes focusing upon the history, culture, literature, and art of Ireland. Students earn 16-17 hours of credit in a variety of classes including Hill climbing, Contemporary Ireland, The War of Independence and the Irish Civil War, Irish Literature, and Participation in the Arts. Students are also encouraged to form relationships with locals and explore the Irish mainland. The location of the program offers students many outdoor activities as well with the harbor, beach, and cliffs nearby. Taylor ISP Homepage

LCC International University, Klaipeda, Lithuania (Open to all majors)

Imagine studying in a country where people once isolated behind the Soviet Iron Curtain are striving to repair and recreate society--a country bursting with the energy of independence, freedom and possibility. Study Abroad Lithuania gives you the chance to forge new relationships, explore different ways of doing things, and experience a shift of perspective while earning college credit, traveling, and gaining that elusive “life experience.” While studying at LCC International University, you will meet people who have survived the struggle for freedom and live life differently as a result. Study Abroad Lithuania is about preparing you for a future that’s bigger than your town, bigger than your country. Both in class and out, you get real-life, real-time training that will equip you to take an active role in a diverse global community. LCC Lithuania Homepage