Be a Coach While You Teach


Laura Trudelle

Coaching gives me the opportunity to encourage my students in a relaxed and fun atmosphere outside of the classroom. I love to watch an athlete’s growing self-confidence on the court flow into her world as a scholar in the classroom. I cannot help but smile as I watch once timid and passive student-athletes become more assertive and proactive in both settings.

Laura Trudelle , ’10
Math Teacher

Volleyball Coach
Providence Hall High School
Santa Barbara, CA





Chris Hughes

I consider it a blessing to have influenced over 700 past volleyball players. God is good.

Chris Hughes, ’88
P.E. Teacher

Volleyball Coach
CIF Finals Four Years
Dos Pueblos High School
Santa Barbara, CA






Katie Hardeman

My first job is to be Christ's ambassador and I get to do that in the classroom and on the basketball court where I strive to motivate, mold and model; to encourage, instruct and inspire; to correct, convict, and challenge and most importantly, to LOVE my students and team.

Teaching and coaching is not always easy but is remarkably rewarding, and I am so blessed that the Lord has called me into this unique role as influencer, mentor, teacher and coach.

Katie Hardeman, ’04
History Teacher

Basketball Coach
Valley Christian High School
Santa Barbara, CA




Jeff Lavendar

“ I love teaching and coaching because I get to help young people who are struggling to grow up. I try to love them and be "Salt and Light" to all that I come into contact with. I love competition and all the life lessons that are learned in a team sport. There are very few people in life that are more."

Jeff Lavender , '83
Biology Teacher
Basketball Coach
Santa Barbara School District
Santa Barbara, CA



Track & Field


I love coaching. I love getting to see my students stretched and challenged in areas outside of academics. During practices, I really get to know the athletes well, and the bonds we form make a positive impact in the classroom. It’s a win-win.

Laura Drake , ’07
Science Teacher

Track Coach
Providence Hall High School
Santa Barbara, CA










Ryan Throop

I enjoy helping kids learn and find their passion. Working outside the typical walls of the classroom has been a joy as I help students work hard together on the sports field toward the team's goal.”

Ryan Throop, '98
Math Teacher
Golf and Soccer Coach
Santa Barbara High School
Santa Barbara, CA