Elementary (Multiple Subjects)


Lindsey Coleman teaching Kindergarten

Liberal Studies Major

In California, those who wish to pursue a career in elementary education usually major in Liberal Studies. The Liberal Studies major is a degree primarily in academic content, allowing you to develop expertise in all of the fields of study that would normally be taught in the elementary classroom. Among other purposes, the major is specifically designed to prepare candidates for the CSET exam, required for entrance into a California credential program.

Regular track
In the regular program, the teaching credential is earned during a 5th year of study. Graduates of Westmont’s Liberal Studies program may complete their 5th year (their credential, that is) either through Westmont’s state-approved credential program or through another institution.

Lindsey teaching

Fast-track option
Qualified candidates may, with careful planning, be able to complete both the Liberal Studies major and California’s requirements for a preliminary teaching credential in four years. Depending on the depth of your academic preparation in high school, you may need to enroll in pertinent summer classes to complete both programs in four years. In either case, academic advisors in the Education Department will work with you closely to ensure that you meet each state requirement.