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Engage at Westmont

You are an official Westmont Warrior. Now what?


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  6. Transfer FAQ's

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How do I get involved?

The Westmont's Programs & Resources list is a great way to learn what Westmont offers its students. Please take note of the year-long student leader opportunities.

If I have a specific question about credit transfer, who do I contact?

Jennifer Taylor is the Student Support Counselor in the Registrar's Office and she will help you with any transfer credit inquiry you may have. Her email is jmtaylor@westmont.edu

Who is here to support me?

Please reference the Support tab on this Transfer site to get a list of the Transfer Support team.

How to determine class standing:

I am considered a...

      • first year if I have 0-25 units
      • second year if I have 26-58 units
      • third year if I have 59-91 units
      • fourth year if I have above 92 units

A minimum of 124 semester units must be completed in order to receive a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. More information on page 25 of the Course Catalog

Where can I talk to other transfers to see how they made their transition successful?

Brianna Sanchez transferred Spring semester of her freshman year from San Francisco State University. She's majoring in Music. She plans to graduate Spring 2016; and she would love to chat with you! Please feel free to contact her at bsanchez@westmont. edu.

Sierra Garrett transferred in Spring 2010 and is planning on graduating Fall 2014. Sierra transferred in as a Chemistry major on the Pre-Med track but switched to Physics in Fall 2010. Though she'll no longer be a student after December 2014, she'd still love to serve as a contact: sgarrett@westmont.edu.

Steven Auclair transferred into Westmont in Fall 2013. He is majoring in Social Science with an emphasis in Political Science, and plans to graduate Spring 2015 and then attend graduate school. He is available to answer any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact him at sauclair@westmont.edu.

Is the First Year Retreat (FYR) meant for me?

While the FYR is geared towards first-years, you are certainly welcome to attend. Some transfers have participated in the past, and we welcome their perspective and maturity.

Are transfers allowed to have vehicles?

Eligibility for parking permit privileges is primarily based on class standing. If you have junior or senior class standing, you are eligible for a parking permit. If you have sophomore class standing, you may request a sophomore permit. Be advised, though, that Sophomore permits are very limited; so if you get a Sophomore permit, you are very lucky! For more information on parking permit eligibility, please click here.


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Advice from Upperclass Transfers

bireBriana Sanchez (Briana transferred Spring semester of her freshman year from San Francisco State University. She’s majoring in music, but she’s been able to take a lot of the math and science courses here, too, which she loves. She plans to graduate Spring 2016.)



Here are some thoughts and tips for incoming transfers:

  • Transferring can be a scary process, but I was so impressed by how helpful, accommodating, and personal the faculty and staff were in helping me through that process. Even weeks into the school year, they made an effort to see how my transition was going.
  • People are really excited to meet and befriend transfers! Before getting to campus, I thought I would have to try really hard to meet and introduce myself to new people, all the time, in the hopes of making new friends. But what I found instead was that more often, others would realize that I was new or that we hadn't met before, and they would approach or introduce themselves first!
  • Transferring to Westmont was the best decision I made, and I am so glad that Westmont is my college, and my home. Each transfer has a specific reason(s) for transferring, (and I'm always open to sharing about those reasons!), but all transfer students share the desire to find the school that's best for them, where they feel they belong.

stevenSteven Auclair (Steven transferred into Westmont as a Junior in Fall 2013, after graduating from a community college. He is majoring in Social Science with an emphasis in Political Science, and plans to graduate Spring 2015 and then attend graduate school. Steven comments that, "Westmont is a learning, living, and thriving community that holds Christ at the center of all we do. I highly value the rigor and quality of the liberal arts education, and I am confident you will too!")

Here are some tips for other transfers:

  • Understand how your courses transfer. Check with the Register to ensure that all the classes that need to be transferred have been transferred in the proper way. This will save many headaches down the road and ensure a smooth transition into the Westmont community.
  • Explore the different faith traditions at Westmont. Don't shy away from questions of faith on campus; the community enjoys learning from each other and growing with each while retaining their individual faith identity.