Orientation 101 Things to Do Before You Graduate

1. Visit the Mission Rose Garden in the spring to smell the roses

2. Order a scrumptious breakfast burrito from Pascual in the DC

3. Visit the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (free on Thursdays 5-8pm), the Museum of Natural History, or the Santa Barbara Historical Museum

4. Explore the hiking trails that weave through campus

5. Go on a dorm cruise

6. Rent a surrey bike and wheel down along the Cabrillo bikeway

7. Visit a Farmer’s Market: Tuesdays on State and Saturdays on the corner of Santa Barbara and Cota streets

8. Ride the downtown waterfront trolley for just 50 cents

9. Hike Inspiration Point

10. Buy a delicious cupcake at Crushcakes & Cafe

11. Rollerblade or walk to and from the Bird Refuge

12. Visit the Seal Colony in Carpinteria

13. Eat breakfast at Summerland Beach Cafe (half-off omelettes before 8 a.m.)

14. Rent a kayak or paddleboard from the Santa Barbara Harbor

15. Visit the Santa Barbara Zoo

16. Picnic or BBQ at Shoreline Park

17. Drive up to Lizard's Mouth or Gibraltar to get a beautiful view

18. See a movie at the Arlington Theatre

19. Borrow a surfboard and a wetsuit and try surfing

20. Visit the Channel Islands

21. Walk along Hendry’s Beach at low tide

22. Check out the Art Walk on Sunday mornings by the waterfront

23. Take a day trip to the historic Danish town of Solvang

24. Take a tour of Lotusland

25. Camp at Refugio State Beach or El Capitan State Park

26. Visit Isla Vista to eat Woodstock's pizza, Freebird's burritos or IV Drop's ice cream cookie sandwiches

27. Host a Preview Day student

28. Go to a local coffee shop (such as Handlebar and French Press)

29. Visit Art from Scrap on E. Cota Street to make a gift for a friend

30. Play Frisbee golf on the Westmont campus

31. Participate in Potter’s Clay or Urban Initiative’s Spring Break in the City during Spring Break

32. Attend a Reel Talk event and see a great movie for free

33. Participate in Spring Sing

34. Look at the stars through the Keck Telescope the third Friday of each month, 7:30pm

35. Attend a live performance at the Lobero Theatre or Granada

36. Write a letter to the editor of the Horizon

37. Apply to be a leader in a Westmont student organization

38. Visit the koi pond at Alice Keck Park on Santa Barbara Street

39. Play on the giant playground at Alameda Park

40. Go to the late night breakfast at the DC during finals

41. Attend an interesting public lecture in Hieronymus Lounge

42. Attend a Westmont sporting event and dress as a Super Fan

43. Get an ocean view on the rock outside of the library

44. Take a professor to lunch or coffee with a WCSA pass

45. Attend the "Let There Beebe Light" Christmas ceremony on Kerrwood Lawn

46. Eat dinner at Pascucci on State and enjoy their garlic bread

47. Pick a random class and take it just because it interests you

48. Get a Blenders and go sit on the wall at Butterfly Beach

49. Grab a healthy acai bowl at Backyard Bowls on lower State Street

50. Go to a music show at Soho Restaurant and Music Club

51. Attend Midnight Madness hosted by the Westmont Activities Council

52. Road trip to a friend’s college to experience something different for a weekend

53. Go to a WCSA student government meeting

54. Study abroad

55. Ride your bike down the hill and take the shuttle back up

56. Go swimming in the Westmont pool or the ocean

57. Take advantage of Writer’s Corner services to improve a paper you’re writing

58. Go to a drive-in movie at the theater in Goleta

59. Get a birds-eye view of all of Santa Barbara from the top of the Courthouse bell tower

60. Go to Long Boards Restaurant on the Wharf for dessert

61. Invite your RA to join you for breakfast or lunch

62. Study on Magnolia Lawn outside the library

63. Study at Starbucks on Coast Village Road

64. Attend winter or spring formal and invite someone you admire

65. Go to a Westmont Theatre production

66. Catch some rays at Butterfly Beach

67. Check out a Westmont art exhibition

68. Take the Strengths Finder test through the COVE Career Center

69. Attend Vespers on Sundays at 8pm in Page MPR

70. Worship at a great local church

71. Lead or join a club

72. Enjoy the Public Market on West Victoria & Chapala

73. Visit or stay at Westmont in San Francisco

74. Visit the batting cages and the Habit on lower Milpas

75. Bowl at Zodo's Bowling & Beyond

76. Visit More Mesa in Goleta and spend an evening at the caves

77. Watch a sunset from the Mesa or from the Biltmore patio

78. Sit in the front row in chapel

79. Play a game of spikeball or beach volleyball at East Beach

80. Attend a Westmont Intercultural Organizations event or lecture

81. Go to In n’ Out Burger off of Turnpike for a late night burger

82. Visit the Museum of Exploration + Innovation (MOXI) on lower State Street

83. Get an internship

84. Talk to a professor during office hours

85. Volunteer at one of the many non-profit organizations in town such as Transition House or SB Food Bank

86. Check out a film during the Santa Barbara Film Festival

87. Walk along the trails at the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

88. Visit thrift stores in Santa Barbara, Ventura and Goleta

89. See the Westmont Orchestra's Christmas Concert at First Presbyterian Church

90. Go on a day trip and visit the Getty Museum in Los Angeles

91. Go to Disneyland

92. Attend a baseball game in Los Angeles

93. Visit the Ty Warner Sea Center on Stearns Wharf

94. Go on an indy with someone you find intriguing

95. Watch the World Series, Super Bowl, or March Madness on the big screen in the DC

96. Take a walk along the cliffs at the Douglas Family Preserve

97. Buy some locally grown fruit or vegetables and fresh-squeezed juice from Tri-County Produce on S. Milpas Street

98. Go to a concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl

99. Go on the historic tour of the Mission

100. Meet with the campus pastor

101. Watch a movie with friends on the projector in Adams or Winter hall