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Helping All Students Succeed 

How can Westmont help all students succeed? President Gayle D. Beebe got a glimpse of one strategy at work in his own family. His daughters, Anna and Liz, sat down with their brother, Ricky, before his first day on campus. The two Westmont graduates advised him about potential classes and activities and shared stories of their life in college. “I think all students should benefit from this kind of guidance from fellow students,” Beebe says. 

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Meet Our Newest Professors

Three new accomplished tenure-track professors have joined the Westmont faculty: Kya Mangrum (English), Brandon Haines (chemistry) and Yi-Fan Lu (biology). 

Augustine and C.S. Lewis on Friendship

Two great teachers on friendship, St. Augustine and C.S. Lewis, gave themselves without reservations to their friends. Why then did Lewis shoot down Augustine’s view of friendship in “The Four Loves?”

A Heart to Help Cancer Patients

A native of Minnesota, Dr. Joshua Pritchett ’11 chose Westmont for its reputable pre-med program. After earning his degree, he returned home and graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School. Through a pres¬tigious residency and fellowship at the Mayo Clinic—also in Minnesota—he pursues his interest in combining research and working with patients.