Welcome back, alum (albeit digitally)!

I thought I knew what the term “alumni” meant. Everyone does, right? If you attend an academic institution, you’re an alum. Or so I thought.

The Latin derivation of alumni (verb “alere”) refers to being nourished by someone outside of one’s family. Whether intellectual, personal, or spiritual, Westmont embodies what it means to “nourish” its students - - before and after they’ve finished college.

Westmont recently merged Alumni Relations with the COVE Career Center signaling its commitment to “nourishing” students’ career readiness; expanding lifelong career services for alumni; and deepening alumni relationships and networking connections.

As an alumnus, adjunct professor, Singapore global studies program co-founder, and father of three graduates, my Westmont roots run deep. As our team navigates its dual roles, know that listening to alums is the first order of business.

I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts on all things Westmont and how the College can continue to pour into your life.

Paul Bradford ’84, MBA
Executive Director of
Alumni Relations and Career Outcomes  

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