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First Year Seminars at Westmont College                                                               

The First Year Seminar (IS-015) will introduce you to many of the core values of a Westmont education. It provides you an opportunity to explore ideas and develop your own perspectives within a small community of learners—a great way to get to know a professor and your peers during your early weeks at Westmont.

The goal is that the seminar will enable you to gain confidence in your own inquiries, to develop your own voice, and to hone your thinking and writing skills. In this seven week, 1 unit course, you will have the opporutinity to share thoughts about common readings, practice the art of civil discourse, and reflect on the purposes of a Christian liberal arts program.

FY StudentsThe First Year Seminar models an approach to learning where we probe ideas rather than memorize facts and seek understanding rather than simply pursue grades. The Seminar also emphasizes learning from one another rather than relying on the professor as the sole authority. Our hope is that you will find this intellectual community enjoyable and invigorating—and that it will help prepare you effectively for the rest of your college education.

Each First Year Seminar at Westmont is organized around its own specific theme.

Fall 2017 First Year Seminars:

IS-015-1, "Creativity and Innovation," Rachel Winslow

IS-015-2, "Leadership," Angela D'Amour

IS-015-3, "An Exploration of Happiness and Well Being in the 21st Century," Beverly Chen

IS-015-4, "Come to the Table: Lessons from the Garden on Spirituality & Community," Shannon Balram and Michelle Aronson

IS-015-6, "Film for Life," Charles Farhadian

IS-015-8, "Thinking about Travel: Physical Journeys with Spiritual Fruit " Victoria Finlayson

IS-015-10, "Sports and Culture ," David Hunter and Robert Ruiz

IS-015-11, "Sierra Backpacking Adventure," Telford Work - Pre-Orientation Adventure Trip

IS-015-12, "Multi-Sport Adventure," Ray Rosentrater - Pre-Orientation Adventure Trip

IS-015-13, "Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation," Dan Taylor

Fall 2016 First Year Seminars

IS-015-1, "A Sense of Place," Deborah Dunn

IS-015-2, "Leadership," Angela D'Amour

IS-015-3, "Creativity and Innovation," Rachel Winslow

IS-015-4, "Come to the Table: Lessons from the Garden on Spirituality & Community," Shannon Balram

IS-015-5, "Our Environment," Aaron Sizer

IS-015-6, "Developing Life-Long Habits as Christian Pilgrims," Chris Call

IS-015-7, "Flourishing and the Liberal Arts," Lauren Kelley

IS-015-8, "Global Stories," Arlyne Sargent

IS-015-9, "Shakespeare in Performance: Julius Caesar and As You Like It ," Victoria Finlayson

IS-015-10, "Stewardship," Daniel Clapp - Pre-Orientation Adventure Trip

IS-015-11, "Multi-Sport," Tim Van Haitsma and Meagan Stirling - Pre-Orientation Adventure Trip