Westmont's Office of Institutional Resilience works to shield the college's resources from preventable loss by:

  • anticipating the bad things that could happen,
  • averting them whenever possible, and
  • helping the college respond well when they do occur.


Review programs and policies to catalog foreseeable risks; evaluate possible responses; make recommendations regarding priorities; and instigate fitting and prudent actions


Enhance awareness among administrators, faculty, staff and students regarding how to prevent, and effectively respond to, unfortunate events


Collaborate proactively with others to develop common sense guidelines and structures designed to preserve personal safety, and to improve the college’s operational practices and contracts in ways that limit its liability exposures


Remain current on higher education risk management professional best-practices, implementing those which suit our circumstances wherever feasible


Work with qualified brokers to match insurable risks with available markets at fair prices; help the college community to implement loss control measures that will minimize our premiums


Advocate and synchronize funding of preventative programs and measures; coordinate major loss response and management


Strive to exhibit Christlike character in all interactions

The Office of Institutional Resilience is dedicated, through the services it provides, to advancing the mission and community life standards of Westmont College.