Important Financial Information May 2024

We have good news! We are caught up on receiving financial aid information and the distribution of financial aid awards. If you have not received financial aid, we may not have valid FAFSA data for you on file.

Please continue to check the email that you applied to Westmont with to receive any financial aid updates!

We are committed to working with each student and family's unique circumstances throughout the college search, selection, and financial aid process. We want to ensure that we've made Westmont as affordable as possible, and help you understand your offer and the financial options available to you.


What we know...

  • The revision of the FAFSA has made it simpler for families to complete, but the rollout has had its share of issues, including a delayed timeline.
  • Colleges and universities, including Westmont, just recently were able to receive results of families' FAFSAs and are working on putting together financial aid packages as quickly as possible.

What it means...

  • You can expect to receive a complete and accurate financial aid estimate very shortly, if you haven't already. Although these later releases may delay families' decision process regarding college, Westmont is committed to giving you accurate information and the time you need to make a sound decision. We want you to make a decision and deposit when you are ready, and do not want you to stress about a deadline when you do not have a full financial picture. We encourage confirming your spot by June 1st to receive housing and registration priority, but you can deposit anytime.
  • We are sending out financial aid estimates in the mail as well as via email to the student's email address that we have on file. These packages can be viewed in the Student Financial Services Student Portal at We will continue to package anytime we receive updated information so that you can receive financial aid as soon as possible.
  • Our admissions and financial services teams are available to set up individual financial aid meetings, so that you can understand the options available to you as you consider Westmont.

What you can do...

  • If you haven't already done so, complete your FAFSA online at Add Westmont College to your FAFSA and use your FSA ID to sign your FAFSA. Filing a FAFSA now ensures that you receive a financial aid estimate very shortly.
  • Make sure we have your Social Security number on file to link your admission application to your FAFSA. Call 805-565-6200 to speak with your counselor. Do not send your Social Security number over email.
  • When you are ready to say YES to Westmont, confirm your place today!
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Everything You Need to Know About Finding Scholarships:

Scholarships can be a huge help for college students, but many don’t know where to find them, or how to apply.  During the session, you will learn key tips on applying for scholarships, how to create a winning scholarship essay, and more. Hear from a representative from Sallie Mae alongside a member of our team to receive information and ask your questions!

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Need help? Talk to us!

Call 805-565-6200 and we'll help you sort it all out! If you have general questions, you can call the toll-free FAFSA number 800-433-3243.