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Caylie Cox
  • Upperclassmen, Explained

    February 3, 2020

    As a second-semester junior, I’ve been reflecting on my time at Westmont. Recently, I’ve contemplated the strange phenomenon in which the first-years seem to get younger and younger every year (that’s how it works, right?). That made me think of how I viewed upperclass students as a first-year and how that view has changed since becoming one myself. I would like to provide a few explanations for some of the odd behaviors you may observe in upperclass students on campus.

    Odd Behavior: Lurking suspiciously around campus events while holding tupperware.

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  • Joy to Our World

    December 5, 2019

    Joy to the world

    The Lord is come

    So begins one of the most famous Christmas carols of all time. But what does it mean when we talk about Christmas as a time for joy? 

    As the semester has progressed, I’ve sensed a bit of Gloom around campus that combines academic stress, exhaustion and homesickness. While I’m certainly not immune to Gloom, I draw on my college experience to propose an antidote: joy.

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  • Space to Breathe: The Value of Rest

    October 21, 2019

    It’s that time of year again: the energy in the DC is a bit lacking; the STEM majors wander around campus with huge textbooks and stressed facial expressions; and the most common response to “How are you?” changes from “good” to “tired.” It is, in the words of one of my friends, “Midterm Madness.”

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  • 8 Unexpected Things to Pack for Westmont

    August 21, 2019
    1. Rain gear
      • Bring an umbrella and waterproof shoes at the very least, and consider a rain jacket (it might help keep your backpack dry, which is always a challenge). It WILL rain, and you WILL be very sad if you don’t have any of these things. Westmont is not built for rain, and all the paths instantly turn into rivers.
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  • Things I Learned While Studying Abroad, pt. 3: The World

    January 25, 2019

    I’m back!

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  • Discoveries Made While Studying Abroad, Pt. 2: Adulthood

    December 20, 2018

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