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If you’re in Computer Science, Data Analytics, Business Operations, or Marketing, you need a pathway to the professional world. Let CATLab be your trail guide!



At Westmont, we are increasingly relying on students to build our critical, technological infrastructure.


Just think, did you: 

  • Apply to Westmont through the Westmont portal?  Students built that.  
  • Make a gift to Westmont through the donation form online?  Students built that.
  • Get credit for your chapel attendance? Students built that.
  • Update your address and ability to get communications from Westmont?  Students built that.

Students have been paving the way for technological advancement in our community, and you have the opportunity to be a part of that trailblazing with CATLab!

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So, what is CATLab? 

We are student developers, designers, artists, and thinkers from Westmont College. In other words, you could think of the CATLab as a student-led think-tank for our school.

What do you actually do? 

We fix the broken technical systems for our school as well as tell the story of the improvements we’ve brought and the insights we’ve gained. Past summers of work have included components for processing gifts, a renovated admission application, and an event check-in app. 

Do I need experience to be a part of the team?

Most of our junior developers come in with a basic background in coding and problem-solving but no direct experience in Salesforce or Apex, the platform and programming language we use. Mastering the content of Westmont’s introductory computer science classes or otherwise demonstrating programming proficiency is sufficient to apply for consideration. In addition, many of our current developers came to us through friends’ and faculty’s recommendations.

Our creatives bring all sorts of talents and abilities—design, writing, web development, photography, and social media management. As a baseline, our creatives have an understanding of modern media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn) and the kind of content that performs well on them—but our team is excited to see how your unique gifts can help us tell our story!

What will I gain from working with CATLab? 

Training. We invest in your training both by paying for you to work through “trails” on the Salesforce learning platform and through our own internal documentation. We will also connect you with experienced students and staff in your area of specialty.

Work. CATLab provides 24 hours of remote work per week, Tuesday through Thursday.  Outside CATLab, members are strongly encouraged to work in an internship for two days/week to enhance professional experience.

Resume Building Experience. CATLab assigns real-world problems and, as a result, creatives receive incredible hands-on, practical business experience.

Conference Experience. At the end of the summer, CATLab students organize, host, and present at Enabling Impact, a Salesforce-themed conference for businesses and nonprofits in California.

Professional Connections. CATLab is connected to many of the tech companies in Santa Barbara—especially their Salesforce teams. This list of connections deepens and grows each year, providing an excellent onramp for internships and work after Westmont.

What else should I know before applying?

During the school year, you must be enrolled for the current semester. For our summer sessions, you must be enrolled and registered for the following fall semester OR an approved external hire (e.g. a graduated senior with approval). Additionally, you must not work another Westmont job that would increase your total hours above 30 per week.


Still not sold? Here are some of the businesses that have employed our students after the program: