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Have you ever wondered why you are drawn to a particular major, why you do better in certain group projects or why you might like cheesy movies, technology or classical literature?

When you understand the things that naturally drive you, your story comes more clearly into focus -- making you more assured in the decisions you make, more confident when functioning as part of a group, and better equipped to focus on choosing an internship or career.  The COVE Career Center has resources available to get you started.

Resources to help you Know Your Story

This online assessment provides insights on your personality, such as ideal work environments for you, how you process information, and  your values as they relate to interacting or working with peers or co-workers.

Once you have completed this free 15-minute assessment, schedule an appointment to talk through the results with one of our career counselors.

Who should take this assessment?

All students, but it's ideal to complete this in your first or second year.

How to take the assessment & review your results

Visit this personality website to complete your personality assessment, and then schedule an appointment to fully review your results.

The Strong Interest Inventory assessment is one of the world's most widely respected and frequently used career planning tools. 

This tool provides insight by aligning your interests with professionals in specific occupations who share the same interests as you! This allows you to explore good-fit careers, your educational path, and what a healthy work-life balance looks like for you.

Who should take this assessment?

For accurate and helpful results, we recommend that you have at least one job or experiences that could refine your interests (internships and summer jobs qualify).  Thus, sophomores, juniors and seniors are typically good candidates for this tool. 

How to take this assessment

Schedule a Strong Interest Inventory appointment under "Career Counseling" appointments via Handshake. You will find the link to access and complete the assessment once you schedule an appointment. You will receive and review your results with the COVE Career Center during your appointment. 

How do you view and filter the world? Identifying your core values will help you appreciate and apply your convictions and strengths as you pursue meaningful work.

Who should take this exercise?

All students, but it's ideal to complete this in your first or second year.

How to take the exercise?

Schedule a Values appointment with a Career Counselor via Handshake

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