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It's your life, your story, and only you get to live it. Be diligent, do the work, have fun, seek the company of good people, show up on time, take a deep breath once in a while, find meaning in your work, wonder at the enormity of creation, be excellent and merciful, make a difference, give back, love the unlovable. 

Yes, you were handmade to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  Somewhere along the way you'll figure out where you fit into His grand scheme for His creation -- and it's easier than you may think.

Whether you call it "a clear sense of direction", "that thing that really delights you", "the unspoken whisper", or just plain "calling", you were created to take the first step.  So stop fixating about the long arc of your life, and pursue the tasks and opportunities that are right in front of you. Do that each and every day, and then watch the God of the universe unfold his plans day after day in your life.

Be attentive, hold your plans loosely, and let God run wild in your life. Go.

Resources to help you Live Your Story

It's THE top online tool employers use to check out potential interns or employees.

Now that you've done the work and your resume is ready for prime time, you can use that content to create your online LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is also a great tool for learning about career paths, arranging informational interviews, and making connections with alumni and employers.  

Who should set up their LinkedIn profile?

All students.

Log in to Handshake to schedule an appointment to learn more about using LinkedIn for networking, job search and exploration. 

In all that spare time you have, take a gander at some of these good reads about your next steps.

Let Your Life Speak by Parker Palmer

What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Bolles

The Will of God as a Way of Life: How to Make Every Decision with Peace and Confidence by Jerry Sittser

You Majored in What? Designing Your Path from College to Career by Katharine Brooks

Who should be reading these books?

All students

Is graduate school right for you? If so, is now the right time? These are two key questions you should be asking yourself. Bring others in on the conversation to help you shape your thoughts and decisions.  Our career counselor and Faculty are a great resource to engage and gather information and help you evaluate which graduate schools are right for you.

 The Grad School handout can help guide your thoughts and actions. 


An Informational Interview is a valuable tool that can provide you with a window into the work that people actually do day to day. This simple activity will clarify your perceptions, gain insights on their work and how they got where they are in their careers as well as potentially provide you with important networking contacts for the future. Take advantage of our Interviewing for Information handout. 

Who should take part in this opportunity?

All students. 

Log onto Handshake to schedule an appointment with a Career Counselor.


Even in a robust hiring environment, be very careful if you try to negotiate your starting salary.

Unless you have distinct and unique skills, the vast majority of companies invest money just to bring you up-to-speed. Bottom line, be smart and do you homework about compensation.

Glassdoor salary comparison tool

Negotiating your First Job Payscale article

Think of these as simple life hacks for life after Westmont (salary negotiations, doing taxes, and lots more). These tips have been compiled for Westmont students by Westmont students. Click here to jump to the Know Before You Go web page.

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