The COVE Career Center Majors, Minors, and Our Message to You: Relax

It’s one of the first big decisions in your college career…what do I want to major in? Although some career paths almost mandate a particular major (ie: doctors are typically on a pre-med track in college), the vast majority of graduates can pursue any major they want.

Did you know that after 10 years in the workforce, 80% of college graduates are employed in careers that are NOT related to their major? We hope this fact liberates you to explore majors which pique your interest, inspire your curiosity, and push you to dig deeper. In doing so, you’ll be equipped for a meaningful life and be better prepared for graduate school or the workplace.

Don’t take our word for it - - a recent survey revealed that 93% of students agreed that their Westmont degree will make them competitive in the job market.

Take a look at to see all the career options within various majors and minors available at Westmont.