The COVE Career Center Prospective Students


It’s an evocative word that sparks equal parts exhilaration and trepidation. You’re strapped into the capsule of a rocket, you hear the countdown and your pulse starts racing, and then you’re pinned to the back of your seat as the engines’ thrust hurls you skyward towards what lies ahead.

Use your time at Westmont to dig deep, forge lifelong friendships, and lean on your professors and our team to help you build a rock-solid launch pad rooted in your faith and an authentic confidence.

Like an astronaut, preparing for your professional or academic life after Westmont requires a solid launch pad, an initial flight path to help you get where you’re going, and a launch crew that’s got your back.

Think of Us as Your Personal Launch Crew.

Westmont alums launch well with 96.1% of recent graduates employed or pursuing a graduate degree within six months of graduating. Learn more about alumni outcomes.

Visit our Live From the Launchpad video series to watch recent Westmont graduates tell their story on "launching" into careers and life after college. 

What is true about a launch pad is true for life - - building something to last takes planning and work. We’ve organized our services around four “chapters” to help you do the work.

Know Your Story: Understand the “why“ behind what you’re drawn to and what you’re good at. Individualized assessments and one-on-one conversations with our team will help you understand yourself and how you relate with others. Learn More.

Shape Your Story: Explore majors and careers with a career professional. Learn More.

Tell Your Story: Communicate authentically through your resume, LinkedIn profile, and interviews. Learn More.

Live Your Story: Relax. Finding God’s direction in the workplace and in your life shouldn't be daunting. Learn More.

Internships are a great way to “test drive” a potential job. We encourage students to pursue internships during the sophomore through senior years. Many internships can be completed for academic credit, include summer internships. Learn more about internships. 

Each year we bring dozens of employers onto campus. It’s a great chance for you to ask questions and explore careers and companies.

From local companies and start-ups, to non-profits and major companies such as Amazon, Enterprise, Robert Half, employers want to talk to Westmont students about jobs and internships.