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What's your story?

Everyone is drawn to specific things, talented in different areas, and able to connect with various people. Our job is to help you articulate your unique narrative authentically and confidently.  Refine and shape your story while at Westmont, and tell your story as you look towards meaningful work, graduate school, and employers.

Resources to help you Tell Your Story

Even in a social media age, the resume is still THE top tool for employers to quickly learn who you are, what you've done, and to check out your ability to communicate via the written word.

There's an art and science to resume writing, and we can help you with both. We have resources to help you craft your most effective resume. 

Resume Quick Guide: The highlights of creating a resume.

Effective Resume Writing Handout: Everything you wanted to know about crafting a resume and more!

Getting Your Resume Through the "Bots": Don't let your resume get screened out by software. Learn best practices for resume design to increase the odds of having your resume get past the "bots" and into the hands of a decision-maker by reading 8 Secrets for Making a Bot Friendly Resume  and Tactics for Beating the Bots.

Transferable Skills Worksheet: Helps you show an employer how the experiences you had "transfer" to the job they're looking to fill. 

Writing a C.V.: Short for the Latin phrase curriculum vitae, which means “course of life" is a detailed document highlighting your professional and academic history. You may be asked to submit a CV when applying for jobs in academia or a job outside the US. 

Sample Resumes & Global-minded Resume: Check out these resume templates, approved by CD&C

Cover Letter: This supplemental document helps to sell your qualifications to the reader, introduce yourself to an organization and creates the first impression of your ability to communicate. A cover letter never travels alone- it is either with you or your resume. 

Who should get help with their resume? 

All students. Start by checking out our Resume Writing video for information on how to draft your resume. 

Then log in to Handshake to schedule a Resume Review with a Career Counselor or professional staff.


It's THE online platform that employers and recruiters use to check out potential interns or employees, and build their professional networks.

Now that you've done the work and your resume is ready for prime time, you can use that content to create your online LinkedIn profile.

  • LinkedIn is also a great tool for learning about career paths, arranging informational interviews, and making connections with alumni and employers.
  • Here is a resource for creating your LinkedIn profile!

Who should set up their LinkedIn profile?

All students.

Log in to Handshake to chat about creating a LinkedIn profile and how to utilize its many resources, including networking and job/internship search.

As with most things, it's best to have a plan. Think through the kind of internship or job you're looking for, and then set-up "alerts". Setting up these alerts will notify you every time a relevant job or internship is posted. Here are just a few examples:

You can also benefit from researching businesses and organizations - - even those that aren't necessarily looking to hire right now. For example, review the business directories at local Chamber of Commerce organizations (ie: Santa Barbara South Coast Chamber of Commerce, Goleta Chamber of Commerce, Carpinteria Chamber of Commerce, etc.). And don't forget to have your resume and LinkedIn profiles reviewed by a career counselor in our office.

Now that you've got the interview, you need to prepare...and we can help. Start by reviewing our Interviewing Packet. It's about more than advice on clothing, breath mints, or the mock interview. Let us help you nail the interview.

In our digital age, interviewing via video conferencing is becoming more and more commonplace. Prepare as you would for any interview and pay attention to your environment (ie: lighting, choice of chair, the need for practicing ahead of time, etc.). 

Who should schedule an appointment for interview prep?

All students! 

Log in to Handshake to schedule an Interview Prep appointment with a Career Counselor or professional staff.

93% of hiring managers will review a candidate's social media profile before making a hiring decision.  66% of hiring managers said they would hold poor spelling and grammar against candidates.

We get it. Snapchatagrambook is a part of life, yet everything you say or post leaves a digital footprint of your life, behaviors and interests.

Who should be concerned about their media presence?

All students.

Learn what your social media profile says about you and how it's being used in the job market. 

 The Muse: The importance of social media

The Muse: Using Social Media for Job Search

Business News Daily: Hiring Managers and Social Media Screening

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