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The First-Year Seminar

The First-Year Seminar introduces students to many of the core values of a Westmont education. It provides opportunities to explore ideas and perspectives within a small community of learners. The seminar strives to help students gain confidence in their own inquiries, to develop their own voices, to hone their thinking and writing skills, and to reflect on the purposes of a Christian liberal arts program. Each seminar has its own thematic focus.

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For fall 2016, at least ten one unit seminars are being offered. Joining a first year seminar is a perfect opportunity to participate in a small, discussion oriented course where you can develop a relationship with a faculty member and a small group of peers on a topic of interest. A first year seminar is a great addition to a three or four course load.
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These seminars are only open to first year students, fall semester. For more information on enrolling in a first year click here