Confidentiality Statement

Westmont respects the privacy of your information.

Westmont strongly believes in protecting the privacy of its donors and the confidentiality of information concerning them. Donor records, both hard copy and electronic, and other donor information are highly confidential and protected by departmental policy. Furthermore, the use of information for political, personal or commercial purposes is strictly prohibited. Appropriate action, including but not limited to actions that may lead to termination of employment, will be taken against persons, institutions, or agencies that violate these policies. Any individual, institution, or agency deemed to have violated these policies, or deemed to have jeopardized the confidentiality or privacy of any individual or organization affiliated with the college by the inappropriate use of information provided in accordance with these policies will not be permitted access to information in the future.

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Message from the President

President Gayle BeebeYour investment in Westmont helps us accomplish our distinctive mission as a rigorous undergraduate, liberal arts college with a deep Christian commitment where students live in a close residential community and develop a broad global perspective.

The genius of Westmont lies in connecting these five essential characteristics in a unique educational experience that transforms young men and women into leaders inspired to change the world for Jesus Christ.

Students grow deeper in all areas of their lives -- intellectual, spiritual and personal -- while they develop their talents, discover their calling and prepare for a lifetime of service meeting the great, pressing needs of our time.

Gayle Beebe