Forward in Faithfulness



Welcome to Forward in Faithfulness: The Campaign for Westmont. Our college founder, Mrs. Ruth Kerr, believed each generation must find a way to be the salt and light its era needs. Today, Westmont brings to bear the transformative impact of Christian liberal arts education to innovative new ventures that allow Westmont to widen its global and social impact. Now, in the public phase of the public phase of Forward in Faithfulness: The Campaign for Westmont, I'm pleased to share our strategic campaign goals, a progress report, and an invitation to you to become part of Westmont's history and growth.

The campaign's key priorities:

  • Enhance affordability and accessibility of a life-changing Westmont education
  • Contribute to society through Westmont's Christian leadership programs
  • Attract best-fit student-athletes through new athletic programs and transition to NCAA
  • Offer new academic programs, centers and institutes, grounded in the liberal arts
  • Foster global programs that connect Westmont to the world

Westmont enjoys extraordinary momentum in each of these areas. When God presents new opportunities, we are compelled to move forward in bold faith. As we do so, please consider how you might join with us and many generous friends in exciting ventures that blend innovation with faithfulness to Westmont's mission. We look forward to talking with you.

Gayle D. Beebe
Westmont President

Closing in on Ambitious Goal

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Forward in Faithfulness: The Campaign for Westmont has raised more than $200M of its $250M goal and seeks visionary partners who share in these exciting priorities.

5 Key Priorities

1. Access & Affordability
Today, over 90 percent of Westmont students rely on financial aid to make their education possible. Scholarships funds open doors for students of all backgrounds and enrich our community with diverse perspectives and voices. Investing in the lives of our students that pays dividends for years as they graduate and go out into the world. Together, we’re educating the next generation to lead and serve in every sphere of society.

Help students pursue a life-changing education.

2. Innovative New Programs.

Nursing. Westmont's new programs include the region’s only accelerated post-baccalaureate nursing program to address the critical shortage of skilled nurses. A strategic partnership with Cottage Health provides state-of-the-art clinical training and will help place graduates in well-paid, meaningful positions.


Westmont engineering combines a solid foundation in the liberal arts, outstanding technical competence, and thorough training in applied learning guided by the cutting-edge process Design Innovation. Graduates will excel and adapt in a field of increasing complexity. Westmont’s curriculum integrates design experiences into all four years of its engineering program to ensure students cultivate excellence in design. 

"At its core, engineering is about creating things to help people."--Daniel D. Jensen, Ph.D. Director of Westmont Engineering 

I'd like to support world-class engineering at Westmont. 

Engineering News

3. Catalyzing Christian Leadership. The Christian church today needs leaders characterized by wisdom that encompasses biblical wisdom and a vital relationship with the Lord, as well as a profound understanding of culture and the human heart. Westmont is developing exciting plans for a remodeled 29 W. Anapamu where the college will use the increased space to widen our impact in society and globally through new and innovative programs focused on developing Christian leaders and thought leadership. Programs may include: WestmontTV and Digital Content Studio and Post Baccalaureate Certificates and Programs.

I'd like to learn more, please contact me. 


4. Positioning Warriors for Success in NCAA. As Westmont transitions to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the college is realigned with peers with a similar culture, academic rigor and athletic prowess. It also renews the exciting traditional rivalries of many of Westmont’s former GSAC competitors. The move requires strategic investments in scholarships, facilities and leadership to equip the coaches and athletes to attain the level of excellence Westmont prizes in all endeavors.

Top NCAA student-athletes receive full scholarships or significant awards based on athletic merit. Preparing Warrior teams to succeed in the NCAA will require increased resources so coaches can select the best possible student-athletes who align with Westmont’s mission. 

Westmont’s beautifully designed athletic fields and campus facilities provide the foundation for a premier NCAA program. Three key facilities would facilitate practicing and developing individual skills: Team Room/Locker Facilities; Intramural & Practice Gym; Intramural and Practice Field.

Please contact me to discuss these opportunities. 

Global Program

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