Meet the Class Agents

1984 David MacCulloch

The class of 1984 forged the way under the leadership of alum Dave MacCulloch. For several years, Dave and his volunteer team have sent update letters, handwritten thank you notes and made personal phone calls to encourage annual giving among their classmates. The results have been astonishing: in a five-year period, the class participation in alumni giving rose steadily from 26 to 45 percent, and shot into 56 percent during 2005 Homecoming!

1991 Kris and Tyler Gibbs

For those of you who don’t remember Kris and me, we attended Westmont all four years. We were married in 1992 and now have two great kids. Our son Connor is 8 and our daughter Ireland is 6. We live in Irvine, California, where Kris is a full-time mom who enjoys her days of volunteering in the kids’ classrooms, teaching Sunday school and chauffeuring everyone everywhere. I am currently the Vice President of Operations & Facilities at Toyota Racing Development and I am earning my MBA.

1992 Lori Hildreth Walker

Stepping into this role felt natural; living in Santa Barbara for the last nine years, it’s been easy to still feel connected to Westmont. This past summer, though, my connection to Westmont became literal. We moved to a home adjacent to the college, and now there is a gate leading from my backyard to Peg Lovik field. You can just imagine how much fun this is for my kids (I have two sons and a daughter). In addition to playing all kinds of sports up there, our children have also enjoyed taking flashlit treks up to basketball games or, in December, to see the Westmont Christmas tree. The other great thing about living next to Westmont at this point in my life is, of course, access to great babysitters. Aside from the whole thing being a bit surreal (I never imagined I’d be the mom in the van dropping off sitters outside the dorms I once lived in), it has been so much fun to hear these students talk about life on campus today. It’s hard not to smile at how much remains the same – the revelatory thoughts inspired by their professors, the concerns over their ministries and busy, busy social lives, what their higher purpose may be, etc. These students are figuring out how to shape their lives, and they are full of enthusiasm. It’s fun to be around them.

1992 Mike Willbanks

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1996 Josh and Amanda Jensen

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1997 Tom and Nicole Katona

After 10 years of living in Santa Barbara, we have recently moved across the county to Columbia, South Carolina. This transition has strengthened our appreciation for the community of people we were a part of at Westmont, and the mission of the college for future students. We look forward to using this program to reconnect with many of our former classmates and more importantly, increase the awareness among our class of Westmont’s current direction and our collective role in fulfilling that vision.

1998 Karl and Kimberly Schafer

We often remember our Westmont experience and give thanks to God for equipping us for our life callings. Karl is finishing a Master of Divinity degree at Fuller Seminary and working as a pastoral assistant at Glenkirk Presbyterian Church in Glendora, California. Kimberly is working at Gilead Sciences, a biopharmaceutical company, and pursuing a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership at Azusa Pacific University. Of course, we still cheer for Westmont! In our spare time, you can find us riding our tandem bike, spending time with extended family, and camping. We would love to hear about your adventures!

1999 Michael Friel

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2001 Tamara (Wann) Wolf (Co-Class Agent)

Westmont was a defining time in life and taught me the value of integrating faith and learning. Thankfully, I'm able to do that in my current position as a fundraising consultant with charities across North America, specifically homeless shelters. My husband, Jesse, is a high school history teacher and has recently began a financial services business. We currently reside in Monrovia, but enjoy tons of travel as we have no kids and no pets. We served previously as Chapter leaders for Westmont alumni in the San Gabriel Valley and I'm delighted to stay connected with folks from the class of 2001 through now serving as a co-class agent.

2001 Debbie (Hews) Droshe (Co-Class Agent)

Westmont was a meaningful time and place for me and it is a joy to give back to the school through prayer, volunteering and financially. Since graduation, I have been a resident in Santa Barbara; and I also started my own event planning and wedding coordinating business. I have traveled around the world, run marathons and have volunteered with Young Life Capernaum for the past 7 years. I currently attend Santa Barbara Community Church and co-lead a homegroup. I'm looking forward to connecting with more 2001 classmates!

2002 David O'Neil

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2003 Joshua Higa

Since graduating Westmont in 2003, I have spent the last 5 years working at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, CA. I have held a number of positions within the Finance and Strategy organization of this biotechnology company. Currently I am in our Corporate Finance group, supporting the General and Administrative functions. I have truly enjoyed my time working at Amgen and feel that I owe much of the success I have found to the Christian liberal arts education I received at Westmont. Whether it is completing a technical analysis or working on a project team, the core values instilled by my four years at Westmont have helped me communicate, influence, and lead in any situation I have been in. I hope the Class Agent program will be a way to continue developing the community that was created during my time at Westmont.

2004 Alair Conner

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2005 Ryan Wolfshrondl

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2006 Dominique Rastrelli Glanville

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2006 Nick and Megan (Campbell) Burwell

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2007 Chandra Morris

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2008 Cora Rose

Upon graduating from Westmont, I worked for two non-profit organizations that serve communities in Santa Barbara and San Francisco, respectively. I am currently a J.D. candidate at U.C. Berkeley School of Law, and I hope that the Class Agent program allows my fellow Westmont alumni to retain our special Westmont connections and support the school's mission of educating life-long learners.

2009 Carolyn Joens

Since graduating from Westmont I have been working for a nonprofit organization in Orange County, fundraising and grant writing. I have recently been accepted to law school for the fall of 2010, although I still have yet to make my decision where I will be attending. I hope the Class Agent program will be a way to continue to develop the community of Westmont and help our class to stay connected and informed of Westmont’s current direction and activities.

2010 Sammy Acosta

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2011 Madeline Weiss

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Class Agents are looking for volunteers for support in their work connecting, soliciting and thanking classmates. Want to help? Email the office of annual giving to learn more.

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The genius of Westmont lies in connecting these five essential characteristics in a unique educational experience that transforms young men and women into leaders inspired to change the world for Jesus Christ.

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