Alumni Westmont Magazine

A Heart to Help Cancer Patients

A native of Minnesota, Dr. Joshua Pritchett ’11 chose Westmont for its reputable pre-med program. After earning his degree, he returned home and graduated from the University of Minnesota Medical School. Read More

Using Power to Help People

Shane Kelly ’07 majored in religious studies and planned to be a theologian. “My classes deeply shaped my faith and my view of the world and taught me to approach life and faith with intellectual rigor,” he says. 

Nights at the Opera

Christina Farris Jensen ’09 has heard all the reasons people avoid opera. “It’s too intellectual, the language is too difficult to understand, and it’s not relevant,” she says.

Building Good Will for Charitable Organizations

Stephanie Medina ’80 tells stories for a living, initially for television news then for organizations that transform lives. She serves on non-profit boards for agencies she passionately supports.