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Designing a Strong and Innovative Engineering Program

In July 2021, Dan Jensen will join the Westmont community to help develop the college’s new engineering program as director and professor of engineering holding an endowed chair.

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A Ministry of Medicine and Music in Mexico

Westmont Professor Grey Brothers writes about his current work with musicians from the Tarahumara indigenous group in the Sierra Madre of northern Mexico. His wife, Carrie, is a physician assistant in a nearby hospital.

England Semester Inspires New Willis Book

Music can bring people together across borders, religions and even time. Paul Willis, professor of English, explores this idea in his newly published young-adult novel, “All in a Garden Green” (Slant Books, 2020). His experience teaching at Hengrave Hall in England, home of Westmont’s England Semester for two decades, inspired him to depart from his usual nature writing and pen a story set in the old English manor home.

Correcting a Misperception about Native Americans

Rick Pointer, professor emeritus of history at Westmont, has written a biography of Papunhank, a little-known Munsee reformer and Moravian leader. The work illuminates the turbulent middle decades of the 18th-century during which Papunhank doggedly maintained an unwavering love of peace.