Sophie Ramirez

Residence Life Coordinator

Office Location

Westmont in San Francisco

Clunie House, 301 Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA 94117


Sophie joined the Westmont in San Fransisco staff in August of 2019 as the Resident Life Coordinator. A recent graduate of Westmont, Sophie majored in English and minored in Music. She developed a passion for creativity and social justice through her classes and experiences as a student at Westmont. During her time there, Sophie was a part of chapel band, Potters Clay Core team, and Westmont Downtown which deepened her appreciation for cultivating close community, cross-cultural engagement, and experiential learning. 

Sophie is a WSF alum and was influenced by the city because she felt that many of the aspects of the city, from the lively cultures of its diverse neighborhoods, to the art, to people she encountered, mirrored God so beautifully in their own unique ways. As a WSF student, she enjoyed her internship at Reality SF so much, that she returned after graduation to join their staff part time. Sophie is passionate about community development, the church, and cultivating spaces that allow others to dream and create.