Faculty Resources Faculty Forum (Spring 2024)



Thursdays 12-1 p.m. in Founders

1/11/24Workshop on QAR/QL  (Host Anna Aboud)
1/18/24Faculty Council Choice
1/25/24Author Bee Bloeser (Host Jim Taylor)
2/1/24Faculty Council Choice -- Executive Session
2/8/24Gaede Conversation AI and Liberal Arts
2/15/24Conversation on Diversity (Host Carmel Saad)
2/22/24Women in the Church, Nikki Ramage and Colleen Hurley-Bates (Host Caryn Reeder)
2/29/24Sabbatical Reports (Toms, Skripsky)
3/7/24Faculty Council Choice
3/21/24Perry Glanzer (Host Angela D'Amour)
3/28/24Maundy Thursday (Host Lisa DeBoer)
4/4/24Malcolm Foley (Host Blake Kent)
4/11/24Faculty Council Choice
4/18/24Gaede Institute Program Summaries
4/25/24Strategies for Scholarship (Host Michael Everest)