Addie Oswald



Hometown: Windsor, CO

College Attended: Westmont College, '22

Degree: B.A in Communication Studies, minors in Economics & Business and Religious Studies


Favorite Place on Campus: Although the Prayer Chapel and the many spontaneous worship nights it hosted over the course of my four years were wonderful, my favorite place on campus has to be the admissions office in Kerrwood Hall. While that answer may sound like an effort to win over my boss (Hi, Mike!), the admissions office truly was, and continues to be, a very special place for me. It was not only the place where I made some of my best friends, as the counselors that once helped me get to Westmont quickly became some of my closest friends, but it was also where I learned so much about myself and the way God uses ordinary people like me to further his extraordinary Kingdom.

Favorite Aspect of Westmont: The people you encounter at Westmont are incomparable. As soon as I finished my first tour of campus, I knew Westmont was where I needed to be. The genuine connection I was able to make with staff and students over a short period of time far exceeded my expectations, and those same connections continued to grow far beyond my initial visit experience. Whether you’re a first time visitor, seasoned alum or somewhere in between, the Westmont community has a unique gift of making everyone feel seen, heard and loved. Also, the bathrooms in Kerrwood hall are magic and a favorite aspect of campus for sure. 

Favorite Westmont memory: This is definitely a tough one, but I think my debut as a squirrel with no lines during Spring Sing my senior year takes the cake. As a self-proclaimed introvert, dancing in a squirrel costume on the stage of the Santa Barbara Bowl in front of hundreds of students, parents and faculty wasn’t exactly at the top of my “to-do” list. But, gosh I’m so grateful I did it—despite placing third. Otherwise, any moment where I was worshipping or laughing with friends, giving campus tours, playing intramural basketball or hammocking on Magnolia Lawn are all treasured moments.

Why do you work at Westmont?: The staff that greeted me when I first came to Westmont made me feel known and wanted before I even spoke a word. My visit showed me the power of meeting people where they are and communicating first with compassion and patience. So now, I work at Westmont to give prospective students the same life-altering experience I had. I want students to feel seen and find a sense of belonging on campus, just as I did. Westmont served me so well over my four years, so I couldn’t think of a better place to give my time and energy to as I introduce prospective students to the place I care so deeply about. 

Hobbies: Playing spikeball, drinking chocolate milk and boasting about the fact that I’m from Colorado are among my favorite things. I love tennis, basketball and pickleball, especially when played with close friends and family. Otherwise, I think laughing is cool. Beach days bring me joy. Eating pasta has yet to let me down. Listening to Ben Rector is a must. And, spontaneity in any and all forms is my favorite way to walk through life. I also love spending time with my brother and pretending that he’s still a little six year old and not 6’2 and a sophomore at Westmont. That one’s a work in progress :)