Ben Brandel

Orientation Team

Major: Economics and Business

Hometown: Newport Beach, CA

What is one resource students should know about?  COVE Career Center

Favorite class and why?  My favorite class at Westmont is Principles of Management because Professor Tynan relates everything that we learn from the textbook with real life stories from his career and it makes the class so much more interesting.

What should people bring and what should they NOT bring?  Student's should bring an open heart to enjoy everything that Westmont has to offer, God's presence on campus, and the ability to live in the moment. In terms of materialistic items they should bring, I highly suggest a water bottle to stay hydrated because the move-in day is typically hot outside. Student's should not bring a mentality that they have to say yes to everything during new student orientation but instead listen to what your body needs and enjoy the time with your family before you all say goodbye.