Brenda Tirado

Senior Admissions Counselor

Office Location

Office of Admissions, Kerrwood Hall


Hometown: Ojai, CA

College Attended: University of California Santa Barbara, '19

Degree: B.A. in Communication


My college experience: I was the first in my family to attend college. I started at a two-year community college and later transferred to a four-year college to earn my bachelor's degree. There were plenty of unforeseen obstacles to navigate, confusing terminology to decipher and lots of fog clouding my view of educational and career goals. Looking back, I'm so grateful I was able to persevere to earn my degree, both for myself and for my family. Now, I realize how important it is for transfer students to have an advocate who will listen to their aspirations and their frustrations, and then offer sound, compassionate counsel. That's why I do what I do at Westmont.

Favorite Place on Campus: My favorite place is Thorrington Field, where the track is. Being able to go there after finishing up a day of work and being able to work out at a place where I feel safe is a wonderful perk of this campus. In addition to it being safe, it also has a great view of Santa Barbara. Plus, if the workout is timed correctly you’ll finish up right at sunset and have a prime view!

Why do you work at Westmont?: I work at Westmont for many reasons, but the most significant one is because I love the people. The whole community, including staff and students, are some of the best I’ve ever met. After attending a large institution where I could hide in the back of the room and not be seen, it was a huge transition to join the staff at Westmont. On my very first day, I was escorted around the corridors of Kerrwood Hall and introduced to everyone, including the president's cabinet. Within a week I was being greeted by name in the hallways. It was such a beautiful shock. This is a place that makes you feel known and special, and that’s why I work at Westmont.

Hobbies: Sleeping is my favorite hobby. I can sleep anywhere and anytime. When I’m not taking a nap, I enjoy doing things that keep me active, like boogie boarding, hiking or rollerblading. One fun fact about me is that I learned how to rollerblade before I learned how to ride a bike! I’m also really blessed to live with my three best friends here in beautiful Santa Barbara, so just going home and spending quality time with them is something I value and appreciate.