Dee Kim

Emerson Hall Resident Director

Office Location

Emerson Hall (2nd Floor, next to the main lounge)


Education: B.A. in Media Communication, Public Relations emphasis, Taylor University. & M.A. in Higher Education and Student Development, Taylor University

Hometown: Schaumburg, Illinois

How did you end up at Westmont? Westmont has always been my dream institution. I was working at a different college at the time when a job opportunity for Westmont came up. I sensed God asking me to step forward in faith and trust, so I applied and the rest is history. I can't wait to live in Emerson Hall with all the amazing students!

Favorite thing about Westmont? Westmont is so incredibly intentional and what I love most is that the faculty and staff really do believe in and hope for the best in students. Also, the people are really rad!

What makes you cry? Really cute puppies with squishy faces, laughing really hard, and yawning. In all reality I'm a feeler so anything can make me cry!

Favorite book in your library? I will forever and always love the Harry Potter series.

Where is a place that you like to vacation? I LOVE to travel and explore new places, especially when I can do that with my friends and family. Currently on my bucket list is New Zealand, Croatia, Patagonia, and South Korea.

What hidden skill or talent do you have that most people wouldn't guess? I'm double joined in my fingers, I can burp on command, my mom used to think that I would become an Olympic swimmer, and I can play a wide variety of musical instruments. Also, I love photography and graphic design.