Eliana Choi

Orientation Team

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

What is one resource on campus new students should know about? The 955! It's a *FREE* reservation-based ride service for students. It's basically just a free Uber/Lyft that Westmont gladly provides :)

What is your favorite class and why? Child Development with Dr. Matsuoka! You learn a lot about why children act the way they do and you also get to talk about your childhood. This class allows you to bring out your inner child.

When students arrive in August, what should they bring and what should they NOT bring? Bring: positive vibes, water bottle to stay hydrated, reusable bags for shopping (lots of places to shop in SB!), extra lights for your room cause that one light in the ceiling ain't enough (curtain string lights, Christmas lights, LED lights, etc.) NOT bring: microwave, printer, candles.