Gabrielle (Rielle) Desoto

Orientation Team

Major: Biochemistry

Hometown: San Diego, CA

What is one resource students should know about?  Capax Dei groups are a great way to grow in your relationships with others and with God!

Favorite class and why?  I loved New Testament with Dr. Beers! Her passion for the story of the New Testament was so evident in her lectures, and her class not only deepened my understanding of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, but encouraged my faith in so many ways! Dr. Beers also does a fantastic job of teaching the historical context of the New Testament and painting a picture of what life was like back then. So interesting!

What should people bring and what should they NOT bring?  Bring fun things to do (spikeball, volleyball, cards, games, etc) and don't bring your whole wardrobe and shoe collection!