Jo Martin

Orientation Committee

Major: Music

Hometown: Casablanca, Morocco and Anaheim, CA

What is one resource students should know about? Open spaces to study, reflect, or stargaze. Especially Deane Field and the garden behind the track.

Favorite class and why? Positive Psychology with Smaranda Lawrie because she brought so much sunshine to our class. We had many open discussions, and sometimes it felt more like a relaxation class due to the intentionality of group mindfulness and gratitude practices! I still do my Three Good Things every day ^_^

What should people bring and what should they NOT bring? Bring a computer or tablet with the Kindle app installed for your textbooks--you will be able to easily go back and find/search for quotes, copy material directly into a word doc, work on your essay via split screen, read while waiting in line during taco night at the DC, and save on physical space in a small dorm room. Alternatively, don't bring anything you haven't used in the past six months--you'll have a lot more going home at the end of the year than you brought with you.