Joy Sturges

Orientation Team

Major: Music Vocal Performance and Cross Cultural Branch of Sociology and Anthropology

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

What is one resource new students should know about?  COVE Career Center

Favorite class and why?  Principles of Music, Dr. Butler is so kind, funny, and full of the Spirit of the Lord!! He always makes his students feel cared for as well making the material very accessible to understand and comprehend.

What should students bring and what should they NOT bring?  Don't bring: too many clothes, too many books because you probably won't need them, any thing that you don't you need because you probably wont need it, anything you can buy at a local store, iron\ironing board, printer (it's not mandatory), and don't bring tons of shoes. Bring: Fan, Board games, storage/organizational thingy's, trash bags (buy them when you get here), shower caddy, photos of friends and family to make it homie, dish soap, extension chords, mini vacuum, mattress pad, first aid kit.