Linghui Han, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Economics and Business
(805) 565-6781

Office Location

Deane Hall 103

Office Available

By appointment.


Political Economy of Development, Economic History, Chinese Economy

Research Interests

Economics of Institutions and Families, Economics of Culture and Religion


Dr. Han hold Ph.D.s of Economics from George Mason University and Peking University. Before moving to the United States as a doctoral student in the Economics Department of George Mason University, she had 12 years of experience working for the Research Department and International Department of the Ministry of Finance of China. She also held an associate research position at the National Institute for Fiscal Studies of Tsinghua University and a part-time economist position at the International Monetary Fund Beijing Office.

Dr. Han's research interest lies in the political economy of development and demography. Her current research focuses on the origins of the rule of law in industrial organization. Her future work will link geography, culture/religion, family institutions, formal institutions, demography, and development. Her research subjects include starts, firms, and families as different levels of societal organizations and their roots in social norms (culture/religion).