Maggie Zielinski

Orientation Team

Major: Neuro Psychology

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

What is one resource students should know about? Take your Professor to Lunch is a great opportunity that Westmont offers! It helps you get to know your professor more, and helps you build a personal relationship, which will help in classes!

Favorite class and why? My favorite General Education class has been New Testament with Dr. Richter. She has opened my eyes to how we as Christians should study the Bible, and has greatly affected my faith and relationship with God. My favorite class in my major is Sensation and Perception with Dr. See, because of his passion for the subject. His love of the material has sparked so much interest in me, and I notice applications to what we are learning everyday, no matter how complicated the material.

What should people bring and what should they NOT bring? Bring some fun costumes and fancier clothes. There are some fun events where you need to dress silly and some events that are more formal. Also bring a fan because it is really hot at the beginning of the year. I also made the mistake of bringing too many clothes. I already had cut down a-lot of my closet, and I wish I had brought a fourth of the cut down version! Less is more people :)