Matt Pace

Global Leadership Center Interim Resident Director


Hello! I'm Matt Pace, the Resident Director of the GLC. I graduated from Westmont with a degree in Communication Studies in 2016. I returned to Westmont in 2017 and have spent the last five years working for admissions. Through this role, I discovered my passion for student development. It's been a joy supporting high schoolers through the college decision process and witnessing their passions and gifts unfold at Westmont. This prompted me to pursue a Master's degree in School Counseling, which I earned from Brandman University in 2020. 

As a Resident Director, I now have the rich opportunity to walk alongside students as they navigate college life and beyond. My ultimate goal is to help Westmont students flourish as unique contributors to God's Kingdom. I aspire to mentor, advocate for, and sincerely care for the students I'm blessed to lead. I'm also looking forward to being enriched by the dynamic skillsets that I know exist within our community and making some cool friendships along the way. People would probably describe me as easy-going and say that I enjoy having fun and cultivating a fun atmosphere. I really like staying active, especially by playing basketball, Spikeball, frisbee, and hiking. If you also enjoy these things let me know! If you enjoy other things, I'm always up for an adventure and excited to hear what brings you joy. I also love cookies. I'm excited for a great year in the GLC!