Rebecca Boa

Assistant Director of Campus Life for Ministry & Outreach

Office Location

Kerr Student Center


Education: B.A. in Religious Studies, Westmont College; M.A. in Christian Formation and Ministry, Wheaton College

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Role in office? I advise the student ministry organizations: Emmaus Road, Potter's Clay, and Urban Initiative.

Favorite thing about Westmont? As this is my second time working at Westmont since graduating, you can probably guess that there are many things I like about Westmont. One of my favorite things is the quality of relationships I established as a student and staff member. There are many outstanding people at Westmont and it's an honor to work with them!

Favorite college memory? Thursday nights at Alameda Park with Bread of Life, including the crazy car rides of holding hot pans of food while winding down the hill.

Favorite book(s) in your library: Anything by Henri Nouwen and Playing God by Andy Crouch.

What is your favorite thing to do away from Westmont? Spend time with my husband, Drew, and daughter, Chloe, hike, play ultimate frisbee, watch the sunset, bake, or craft.

What states and/or countries have you lived in and for how long? France (3 years as a kid), Uganda (1 year after college), Illinois (2 years), and California for the rest.