Rory Nguyen

Orientation Team

Major: Theatre 

Hometown: Corona, CA

What is one resource students should know about?  The handshake app is awesome! It helped me find a job as an admissions intern and shows you all the opportunities for on-campus jobs!! It’s an easy way to apply for a job and earn some money while at school!

Favorite class and why?  New Testament with Holly Beers! It helped me to formulate my own opinions on how I interpret the Bible. She is such a fun professor that teaches in a way that really sticks in your brain.

What should people bring and what should they NOT bring?  Storage is awesome!!! You never know what you will pick up throughout the year so organization is key!! Bring some funky outfits, you never know what event will spring up. Bring minimal things but make sure that it is useful and easily stored. Students should not bring anything against the dorm rules but aside from that they should not bring an excessive amount of clothes or big furniture items. You only have so much space to put everything.