Sam Reiner

Orientation Team

Major: Biochemistry and Biology

Hometown: Forth Worth, TX

What is one campus resource new students should know about:?  Westmont's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) offers a few free counseling sessions per semester.

What is your favorite class?  Perspectives in World History with Chapman - I took it Mayterm after Freshman year and it was the first class I had taken that gave a non-Americanized view of History. It started my pursuit of understanding the world from a non-American-centric perspective.

What should new students bring and what should they NOT bring?  Bring: - Reusable water bottle - lamps/string lights (the fluorescent dorm lights are not fun) - anything beach or hiking related - extra pillows and blankets - a reusable set of silverware - a mug and plate (If you have to choose between a mug and a bowl, choose a mug because you can use it as both a cup and a bowl) - board games/card games (a good way to make friends) - some fun outfits (you might never know when you'll need a fun outfit). NOT bring: - too many clothes (it's helpful to leave some at home - especially if you're out of state: less to bring back and forth on vacations)