Sarah Chan

Orientation Team

Major: Biology

Hometown: Loma Linda, CA

What is one resource students should know about? CAPS (Counseling and Psychological Services), it's a great place to be able to talk with someone about anything you're struggling with

Favorite class and why?  Either Perspectives on World History with Dr. Chapman or Organic Chemistry with Dr. Silberstein. I learned so much in World History and it was an overall enjoyable and life changing class. I like the problem solving in Ochem, I found it fun. Dr. Chapman and Dr. Silberstein are both great human beings and very funny people.

What should people bring and what should they NOT bring? Students should bring an open mind. Don't bring too many clothes or books for past time reading unless you already regularly read a lot and make it a priority. I thought I was going to have a lot of time my first year to do casual reading but I didn't make it as high of a priority as other activities. I got so many shirts my first year, and there's no need to bring all your clothes with you, it just takes up more space.