Scott Barnett

Transfer Admissions Counselor

Office Location

Office of Admissions, Kerrwood Hall


Transfer Students, Transfer Credit, The Manhatten Transfer, Arsenal Transfers, anything transfer really.



Hometown: Jefferson, OR

College Attended: George Fox University

Degree: B.A. English

Favorite Place on Campus: Kerrwood Hall believe it or not. Just a very cool mediterranean style to it and there’s many snacks inside. My office is under the same roof and includes my pet cactus, Klauss, and a poster of a bison in winter. It also has a great view of the gardens and even the ocean if you can stand on something.

Favorite Aspect of Westmont: How classically “college” it is. It’s 4-year, undergrad, liberal arts education to the core. Your time here is just as much about learning to love learning as it is preparation for a career. Everything is done very much on a face-to-face basis and builds really genuine relationships for a lifetime. From students living on campus until graduation, to the relationships you build with professors, to the opportunities to travel in countries you’ve studied, I believe it’s how college was always meant to be experienced.

Why do you work at Westmont? The list starts with the kumquat trees, includes the dining commons menu, doesn’t forget the location of the running track where you see either mountains or ocean when you’re not watching your feet trudge along, and it all culminates with the people here. I love my alma mater for the fact it helped me learn to be myself and figure out who I am at my best. Westmont’s culture feels very similar to that, and allows me to bring my quirks, quips and oddities mixed with some competency into the community and feel welcomed, appreciated and encouraged to keep doing it all. 

Hobbies: Learning about pirates, squeezing orange juice, skipping rocks, walking my step-dog, trying to make it up the big hill on my bike, going to Target, getting disgusted with The Bachelor but still watching, attending concerts where I’m the youngest one there, arriving at the airport early to look for celebrities, listening excessively to sports radio then regurgitating the hot takes to anyone who will listen, and ...making lists.