Sean Pratt

Instructor of Film Studies


Sean Pratt is a vital component to our new Film Studies minor. He spends his time divided between managing the Santa Barbara Film Festival and teaching filmmaking at Westmont.

Sean Pratt serves as a professor of Film Theory and Production at Westmont College. His teaching approach involves integrating the fundamental principles of film theory into the filmmaking process, empowering students to craft films that are not only visually appealing but also intellectually engaging and emotionally resonant. Sean has also shared his expertise by teaching business and marketing courses at Antioch University and Santa Barbara City College.

Beyond the classroom, Sean has translated his academic pursuits and passion for film into practical experience. He has served as a writer, producer, and director for numerous music videos and short films. Additionally, he has contributed his skills as a cinematographer on two feature-length documentaries.

Sean holds the role of Managing Director for the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF), where he has been dedicated since 2003. During his tenure, SBIFF has become one of the top 10 film festivals in the United States, establishing itself as an indispensable stop on the festival circuit for both filmmakers, artists, and cinephiles alike.

Sean's academic journey includes a Bachelor's Degree in Film, a Master's Degree in Business Administration, and a Certification in Business Marketing. providing him with a distinctive perspective that blends the creative and strategic facets of the industry.