Thomas Staffileno

Page Hall Resident Director

Office Location

Page Hall (1st Floor)


Education: Master of Science in College Student Services Administration, Oregon State University; Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Montana State University Billings

Hometown: Billings, Montana

How did you end up at Westmont? My wife attended Westmont her first two years of college and I visited her when we were dating.  She was already in love with the campus and community, and it only took me a few days to fall in love with it as well.  When I was looking into jobs in Christian higher education, Westmont was the first university we looked into for positions.  I emailed an inquiry to Shannon Balram (now Director of Residential Life) without even knowing she was my wife's RD when she was here - thus they already knew each other.  That was just the first of many doors God opened to bring us to Westmont and we couldn't be more excited.

Favorite thing about Westmont? In addition to the community and deep relationships Westmont cultivates, I have really appreciated the way Westmont engages in challenging conversations about social issues in our nation and world with a biblical lens.  Students and staff alike can be vulnerable and can make mistakes knowing we're all here for our growth and education.

What makes you laugh? I laugh very easily - I love inside jokes with my wife, quoting youtube videos, and hearing my 6-month old son (Gabe) laugh.

Favorite college memory? During grad school, I used to meet up with a few of my cohort-mates weekly to discuss (and try to remember) the many student development theories over coffee.  We also had a few cook-offs similar to "Chopped" with judges and everything - it was a good time!

Favorite book in your library? Anything by CS Lewis.

What is your favorite thing to do away from Westmont? I love running, playing tennis (or anything competitive), fishing, hiking, camping, and since moving here, I've realized my love for visiting the beach!