Hannah Hutton


Hometown: Durban, South Africa

Degree: B.A. in Liberal Studies

Favorite place on campus: My favorite place on campus would have to be the prayer chapel— every week a group of students put on a worship night and it is the best way to refresh and recenter after a busy week. To join together with other students, who are experiencing similar struggles and victories as you, and to point your eyes back on God, feels sacred and special. Another place on campus that is just so great is the formal gardens. In certain seasons the walk through the kumquat trees is so beautiful— it smells amazing and the kumquats make for a delicious snack walking to and from classes.

Favorite aspect of Westmont: There is much to love about Westmont but my favorite aspect, which I feel the effects of everyday, is the fact that Westmont is a residential campus. Students are encouraged to live on campus for all four years of their college experience. To those with a different college experience or expectation may seem crazy but it just works so well. The community, friendships, and adventures I have experienced during my time at Westmont is like no other. From having weekly bachelorette viewings to always borrowing each other’s clothes, doing just dance with your dorm section or going stargazing at all hours of the night. The joys of living with your best friends are never ending!

Favorite Westmont memory: In my two years at Westmont there have been SO many amazing moments. An honorable mention would have to be playing the role of a minion during Spring Sing of my sophomore year. When I thought of my time at college this was never something that I imagined myself doing. It was such a fun moment to share with close friends and helped me realize that an acting career is not for me. Other special moments include worship nights in the prayer chapel, morning beach dips, or the basketball season kick-off (midnight madness) where the acapella group, sports teams and dance crew performs (this is bound to cause lots of people to lose their voice)!

Why did you choose Westmont?: There were multiple factors that drew me to Westmont including the prime location between the mountains and the beach, beautiful weather, and the relatively small school size. But what really caught my attention was the way Westmont was a Christian college. I had grown up all my life being in educational environments that were not religious and so having my faith be integrated into my education was something that drew me in. My first class that I ever attended began with the professor praying over our semester. And while this is not the way all professors decide to begin their class, I just remember it being a significant moment because it helped reframe the way I thought of God and how he truly is a part of all facets of our lives.

Hobbies: I am the type of person who probably has too many hobbies but I really enjoy anything creative— I love to draw! Being outside is always fun for me, so I love to hike (Westmont has some pretty great trails behind campus) and swimming in the ocean. I love to try new coffee shops, read, paint, and I dabble in making beanies.