Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA

Degree: B.A. in Economics and Business, B.S. in Data Analytics

Favorite Place on Campus: While there are many contenders, including the racquetball courts, Dining Commons, and everywhere that involves the Frisbee Golf course, I’d have to say it's the dorm halls. Page, VK, GLC, all the places I’ve lived over the years have been a really special place. A place of community with my best friends, movie nights, sports games, intense yoga challenges, etc., that just make life at college such a blast. I think without living on campus and in the dorms, some of that community wouldn’t present itself so readily to me and I wouldn’t have changed that for anything.

What do I love about Westmont: By and large the community, my friends, the people that make up the very heartbeat of the college. These people are special, they have a sense of selflessness, for knowing each other, and knowing them well. I am always struck by the conversations I have, amidst a busy week or classes and projects, where we will really get to hear the truth of what's going on with each other, and I love that. I love the fact that people, regardless of how well I know them, will take the time to say hi, hear what's going on with me, and then continue on with their day. They don’t have to do that, but it is somehow in the very blood of a Westmont student, it's so rad. My friends that I have developed here are quite simply the best, we do so much together and this chapter or life remains in such sweet memory because of the people that are surrounding me.

Favorite memory at Westmont: This is a seriously difficult question, but a lot of my favorite memories are spontaneous pickleball games, playing bocce ball on the lawn, or sending it up to Mountain drive to see the stars or on a moped ride. I don’t think one takes the cake, because I am always up to something, so my favorite memory is certainly that fact that we are just in a never ending spiral of activity. The 10pm spikeball games really do keep me going during hard weeks, so I’ll hold onto those memories fondly. 

Why did I choose Westmont: That's a super loaded answer for me, cause I really did not want to come here originally, barely even checking off the Common Application when sending my apps out, but I’ll keep it brief. The religious community, the emphasis and importance placed on such a rigorous and well-rounded education, and just a feeling that I needed to go here, even though I almost didn’t on the very last day before committing. These were all factors for me, and if you ever come visit me I can break it down a little further, but really I came here because there was a gnawing in my heart that I needed to come. I had other options but my parents had a great feeling about Westmont, my mentors, and God was telling me through my prayers that I just needed to come, to trust him in this decision. Man, has it been such a great one, and I would love to share more with you if you ever would like to hear. 

Hobbies: I love pickleballing, snowboarding, taking polaroids of life's sweetest memories, and attempting to watch movies with my friends (so long as I don’t fall asleep). Exercising is my lifeblood, catch me on a run, hike, lifting, or horsing around on the beach with some buddies, it really doesn’t matter what I’m doing, as long as my friends are there. Catch me talking about BBQ, Formula 1, DOGS (I love dogs), or honestly any other animal out there, they’re so sick! I enjoy a good surf but oh man…  I am terrible, I’m more out there for the sunset. I love a good hat, sweatshirt, and a pair of loafers too. Ask me about surfing with Bethany Hamilton or my encounter with the Vice President, those are some fun stories.