Hometown: Antananarivo, Madagascar

College Attended: Westmont College, '24

Degree: Data Analytics

Favorite Place on Campus: Westmont itself is gorgeous in many ways—from its building designs, environmental structures, ponds, fountains, and benches scattered throughout the campus offering outstanding landscape views. Despite all that beauty, my favorite spot is Thorrington Field (aka the Track and Field stadium). This is due to the combination of the track itself, with beautiful mountains, ocean, and trees all around. As part of the Westmont Track and Field team, I have found true friendship and expanded relationships with the coaching staff, athletes from both Westmont and from other schools when we host meets. I have also found connections from the fans and family, who always bring energy and support. The track is a place to pursue my passion, seek God through sports, and remain resilient to the goals being set throughout challenging workouts, joyful times, sportsmanship spirits, and most importantly, it reminds me of the lessons that sports teach on a regular basis.

Favorite Aspect of Westmont: I have always wanted to be part of a like-minded community for my intellectual, physical, and most importantly spiritual growth during my college experience. The professors are amazing with their unique aspects on how to acknowledge and put forth their faiths into education. The staff members value the calling from God into their works and duties that translate into their responsibilities here at Westmont, and we the students feel grateful for that. The student body is my favorite aspect of Westmont as it is a welcoming environment with a common goal of being disciples of Christ. I have found true camaraderies at Westmont, and I am able to meet with different friends from all around the world here.

Favorite Westmont Memory: I have several favorite Westmont memories, and the good part is that I get to renew these experiences three times in a week throughout the semesters. Let me share a bit about Chapel time. It is a Westmont community gathering at the Murchison Gym from 10:30-11:20am where everyone on campus is worshiping and praying at the same time in one location. It is an amazing experience as we have our chapel band, the college orchestra, some professional gospel musicians, guest speakers, and the campus pastor who are all rotating on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule to make Chapel always a unique moment to pause from fast-pace life and just relax and pray as one Christ’s body.

Why did you choose Westmont College: As an international student from Madagascar, I have always wanted to improve more on my educational path for a better future as well as my athletic abilities. Therefore, I wanted to study abroad in the U.S.A. for various reasons as stated above. I had came to the University of Arkansas then moved to Kansas for two years, and after thorough reflections about how I can fulfill my life in all aspects, Westmont came along that provides a way better weather ( beaches and sunshines all year long), a Christian private college with its liberal studies program, and a competitive athletic facility that can provide an excellent support for athletes and challenge me as well to be the best version of myself everyday. These reasons facilitated my transferring decision to Westmont. I also like how the college is rich in good people. There are a lot of individuals whom I admire and look up to here on and off-campus, such as: faculty and staff members and not forgetting the alumni who are always involved with not only the campus’ life but also to the students with whom they encounter as they share valuable life and professional advice.

Hobbies: Running fast and jumping far on an everyday basis, going to the gym, reading self-development books, swimming in the ocean as I am from an island, eating good food, playing basketball, watching some anime shows, and taking my time to rest and recover with different genres of music.