Hometown: Los Gatos, CA - now Nashville, TN

Degree: B.A. in Art (Graphic Arts Track)

Favorite Place on Campus: I love this campus, but there are a few spots that definitely have a special place in my heart. First is the track. I’m on the Cross Country and Track team, and the relationships that I’ve cultivated there have been the most meaningful to me in my time at Westmont. Next is VK, a dorm hall that I’ve lived in for 2 years. In my opinion, it’s the best combination of suite/communal style dorms, most beautiful, and has the best location on campus. Finally is the Crafts Studio. Being an art major, I’ve spent many long nights in the Crafts Studio working on projects, memorizing flashcards, working on essays, and pretty much anything in my classes. I’ve even slept on the couch in there!

What do I love about Westmont: I’m a transfer student, and the thing that I wanted most in a school is somewhere with a tight-knit community, that was religious, and had small class sizes. Westmont absolutely met those needs, and did even more than that.  I love the movie High School Musical, and I’m kinda’ able to live the life of Troy Bolton. I’m a collegiate athlete, in the men’s acapella group, AND involved in theater, as well as in a lot of other clubs. I am a busy guy, but the ability to be apart of all these groups has led me to making friends in all sorts of social circles. I also work in the Admissions Office, where I give tours to prospective students almost every day. This gives me so much joy, as I have the opportunity to show people what I love about Westmont :) !

Favorite memory at Westmont: I have so many, but one of favorite memories at Westmont has to be when all my buddies came over to my room and recorded a huge song together. We have a special tradition on Wednesdays where we chill and play games, and being a professional producer, I wanted to have them all on a track. Writing silly bars and rhymes and seeing my best friends rap over the craziest beats gave me so much joy, and I’m looking forward to the next track we put together!

Hobbies: Outside of my sport, one of my biggest hobbies is writing, composing, and producing music for myself and clients. There aren’t a lot of producers at Westmont, but there’s a beautiful music building with technology and soundproof rooms that makes professional recording a piece of cake.  I’m also a Graphic Design major, and I do a lot of work for the college with the lead Graphic Designer, which is a really cool opportunity to apply my major to real world things. I’ve recently taken up digital painting, and I’ve been spending a lot of hours in the graphics studio where they have Wacom Cintiq tablets that I draw on with a stylus. I also love volleyball, and I’ve taken both volleyball PEs, been on the intramural team, as well as played many tournaments on the beach (which is only a 5 min drive away!)  I also just spend a majority of my time with friends, whether it's doing homework, hanging on the beach, running, or eating, I spend almost EVERY moment I have with them.