Ty Hernandez


Hometown: Lompoc, CA

College Attended: Westmont College, '23

Degree: B.A. in Economics and Business


Favorite Place on campus: Westmont has such a beautiful campus but the spot I love is the track. I was on the track and field team all four years, so I spent a lot of time here and saw lots of sunny days and beautiful sunsets. For me the track at Westmont was the prettiest classroom in the world, but a different kind of classroom. No textbooks, no syllabus, no quizzes, but it was here I learned how to achieve goals, stay disciplined and how to overcome adversity. 

Favorite aspect of Westmont: Westmont was life-changing for my growth. I grew intellectually, athletically and spiritually. Through classes, track, relationships and God’s amazing grace I became a more self aware, deep thinking individual. Westmont is a special place where you get to tackle challenging academics, grow as a Christ follower and live in a beautiful location. My worldview, faith and relationships have been sharpened profoundly, and I am truly grateful for that. It's inspiring to play a part in the next student's growth story.

Favorite Westmont Memory: I have those classic Westmont memories, like beach days and spring sing. My favorite memory wasn't just one moment or story, but instead a culmination of simple moments. I loved the simple memories shared with my friends like the Dining Commons meals together, walking to class and practice together, taco bell runs and the deep late night conversations. I can easily say my favorite memories were shared with my closest friends. 

Why do you work at Westmont: Prospective students come to us with dreams and natural gifts. We guide them through the college search process and open a door to achieve their dreams. I love knowing that a young high school student will come to Westmont and leave in four years with a degree and character equipping them to be a light in society. 

Hobbies: I love Dart Coffee, the Denver Broncos, hunting, fishing, reading books and serving in church. Being a former athlete, running, working out and hiking come naturally to me. I’m also a big foodie and know a lot of good food spots in Santa Barbara.