Zion Shih

Orientation Team

Major: Engineering Physics, Pre-Med

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

What is one resource students should know about? Capax Dei, Intercultural Programs, Professor Office Hours, Residence Life, Spiritual Formation Coordinators, The Library, The Writer's Corner, Urban Initiative (not necessarily in that order)

Favorite class and why? Augustinian First Year Seminar Faith and Understanding, Pilgrim Citizens: Dr. Covington, Dr. Skripsky, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Work; Fitness for Life: Dr. Nwaokelemeh; General Biology 1: Dr. Percival; General Chemistry 1 and 2: Dr. Tro; General Physics 1 and 2: Dr. Kihlstrom, Dr. Sommermann; Introduction to Old Testament: Dr. Nelson; Jazz Ensemble: John Douglas

What should people bring and what should they NOT bring? Bring: Bible, sleeping bag, vitamins, at least one complete formal outfit (top, bottom, shoes, accessories), underwear and socks, clothes hangers, power strip, mug, utensils, planner, post-it notes, travel notebook/journal, goals, guidelines, open/learner's mind