Copyright Policy and Resource Guide Appendix C

It's not as difficult as it sounds. In fact permission may just be a phone call away. The following procedure is a way to seek permission from the copyright owner directly.

  1. Although the copyright owner and the author of a work are not necessarily the same person, it is wise to start with the author. If this person is not the copyright owner, he or she will most likely be able to tell you who is. 
  2. Should you have no luck with the author, begin your search with the infamous "©." Next to that symbol you will find the copyright year and the copyright owner. 
  3. There are several well-known clearinghouses that appear consistently as copyright owners. At Appendix B you will find various web addresses that furnish contact information for those copyright owners. 
  4. Sometimes the apparent copyright owner (that person or company named next to the "©") and the actual copyright owner are different. The U.S. Copyright Office provides online searching of all registered copyrighted works. The office will also provide professional research for a fee. The cost for this service varies. You may reach the Copyright Office online here.
  5. Once you have found the copyright owner they will need at least the following information from you before granting license/permission. The information requested will vary from owner to owner. These are simply the basics:
    Title of the work 
    Year of publication/copyright 
    Amount of the work you wish to use 
    Length of time you will use the work 
    Purpose of your use
  6. Always get your permission in writing. Often authors who own the copyright on their creations are simply willing to grant permission to you after a brief phone call. Offer to write a letter of permission for him or her to sign if one is not furnished for you. If you are writing the letter yourself include the information from "Step 5" in your letter, and all other agreements you make with the copyright owner. Should you need assistance with this contact Toya Cooper